Apix on Web3 gaming, the problems gamers have to face, and possible solutions

We continue to interview the opinion leaders in the Web3 space. Recently, we had a chance to talk to Apix, who is famous for his educational content and reviews on Web3 games. Those who have never heard about Apix before can check the list of the selected Twitter entries below, but we strongly recommend you subscribe to Apix’s account to learn more about Web3 and blockchain gaming: 

This time, we will highlight the key points about the current state of Web3 gaming and ideas about its future that Apix shared with us during our conversation.

Apix on the current trends in Web3 gaming:

…More games are becoming free-to-play today, which was not the case just half a year ago. Players can try the game first and then decide if they want to stay and invest in the economy. It’s beneficial for games in general. On the one hand, they can get more players. On the other hand, they can have more opportunities to monetize the content, like selling advertising.

On the rise of mobile gaming: 

…Many Web3 games are also going mobile. And mobile gamers are more used to spending money while playing, for example, when they want to block ads or buy certain items. At the same time, mobile gamers make up the biggest share of the video game audience. And they may also benefit from Web3 mechanics, like receiving NFTs for game achievements.  

On NFTs for gamers:

…Traditional gamers feel skeptical about NFTs, but they love to collect their achievements. It’s like a memory for them, like something you bring from your vacation. It’s great that no one can change your “memories” and achievements stored as NFTs as long as the chain is running.

On the problems of new gamers:

…Using wallets and blockchains is confusing for new gamers who just want to try Web3 games and are not familiar with crypto at all. When you have to bridge funds, let’s say, from Ethereum to Polygon, it takes time and creates more security risks.

…Many Web3 games are focused on their structure rather than on gameplay. Despite having numerous whitepapers, FAQs, and guides, sometimes it’s challenging to understand how to play. On top of that, many game sites look unappealing for gamers. No one wants to hear about the devs’ plan to build the largest metaverse or the profits they can make! Gamers just want to see actual gameplay.

On the ways to bring new users to Web3 games:

…The free-to-play model is not 100% free, since you have to pay the gas fees. It’s a bit confusing, especially if you are a simple player who just wants to try a new game. The access to games should become easier. The best way for game developers to onboard new players is probably not asking them to connect their wallets and buy an NFT straight away. First players need to try the game without diving deep into details. If gamers decide to stay, they will need a user-friendly wallet and some clear guidelines. (After the conversation, we discovered that EV.IO is a perfect example of a free-to-play game that doesn’t require NFTs or wallet to start).

On following strategies of the top players:

…If a gamer has many followers on Twitter, there’s a chance that people are following him because of the engaging content he makes rather than his playing skills. This indicator may be misleading in P2E gaming. It’s wise to look at the ranking of the best players to have a complete picture. It would be interesting to know why the player is there, and what NFTs he has.

During our conversation, Apix also suggested that having the upcoming releases section on Liquidifty will be beneficial for Web3 gamers. And we are proud to announce that this feature has been implemented in our latest release. Now players can select early access games and games in development in our game explorer.

Hope you were able to find some interesting ideas about Web3 gaming and enjoyed reading. We will try to introduce you to more Web3 opinion leaders in the future. Please follow us on social media if you want to stay on top of the most important events in Web3 gaming. And don’t forget to follow Apix on Twitter to learn more about blockchain gaming.

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