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Champions Ascension has recently made waves in the realm of Web3 gaming. You might have encountered this game before in our previous article. The creators of Champions Ascension have a grand vision: to construct an immersive gladiator metaverse. In this expansive open world, players can train extraordinary creatures, nurture their champions, forge gear and weapons, own property, and more.

Since our last review, the game has undergone significant updates. It’s now available on Steam, accessible to users without crypto wallets. These updates prompted us to take a closer look at this crypto game, which pleasantly surprised us with its captivating battles.

We invite you to join the ranks of brave gladiators! You’ll definitely enjoy this journey!

Getting Started in Champions Ascension

To jump into the game, create an account and download it from the official website.

Currently, Mac users can’t access the game, while PC users should ensure their systems meet these minimum requirements:

  • Intel Core I3 6th Gen processor.
  • 8 GB RAM memory.
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 GPU.
  • 15 GB disk storage. 

During our test of Champions Ascension a few weeks ago, the game had limited-time access with different modes available on specific days. This setup caused some inconveniences for players. Fortunately, the servers are now open around the clock, enabling one-on-one battles at any time. Nevertheless, certain modes still have restrictions. For instance, the 3v3 mode is only accessible on Fridays and Saturdays. Check the game’s Discord channel for the most up-to-date schedule.

As mentioned earlier, you don’t need to buy an NFT or possess a crypto wallet to play Champions Ascension. This makes the Web3 game user-friendly for non-crypto enthusiasts. Now, let’s check what this crypto game offers its players.

Champions Ascension: the gameplay

Before embarking on your gaming journey, create your main character using the in-game editor. Although it might not be as advanced as Baldur’s Gate 3’s editor, it allows players to personalize minor traits like scars and piercings.

Once your main character is set, you’ll find yourself in a lobby reminiscent of World of Warcraft. Within this space, you can interact with other players and engage in various social activities. While you can see some NPCs, most of them tend to be passive and silent. An exception is the oracle at the map’s center, which also facilitates upgrades for your character.

The available pre-alpha gameplay can be divided into two main categories: arena battles and various mini-games.

Battles on the arena in Champions Ascension

While exploring the city of Messina, you might stumble upon the arena gates, guarded by a creature with a broken horn. To participate in battles, speak to the guard and select a fighter.

Controls follow the standards of any fighting game, with added features like weapons, fangs, claws, tail, or horns. Keep in mind that certain moves, such as defense and dodge, have limitations that can influence your battle performance. Learn more about controlling your fighter here.

Winning two rounds grants you five tickets. Every player starts the game with an initial balance of 50 tickets. However, losses in battles don’t cause any deduction.

Press the T button to register for tournaments, which require an entry fee. If a tournament fails to attract enough participants, your tickets will be refunded.

Mini-games in Champions Ascension

Champions Ascension excels as a game tailored for Web3 guilds, thanks to the vast variety of mini-games and activities for virtual gatherings with clan members.

Here are a few options to explore:

Crab races

The rules are straightforward: in order to win, guide a tiny creature to the edge of the table. However, this is trickier than it sounds. Crabs move chaotically, and the table trembles constantly, causing the racers to flip.

Liar’s Dice

Your objective here is to predict the value of other players’ dice. Beware, though, as other players might try to deceive you, and the trident can assume any value the holder desires.

Boss Raid

Rewards in Champions Ascension

Similar to many early versions of Web3 games, Champions Ascension pre-alpha provides limited opportunities for players seeking crypto and NFT rewards. Currently, players can only complete community quests on Discord to earn Chrono XP and Bonus Tickets, which can be used for upgrades, mini-games, and tournaments.


In summary, Champions Ascension offers an immersive Web3 gaming experience through its gripping battles and entertaining mini-games. The game is open to players without NFTs or a crypto wallet, making it appealing to crypto newcomers. However, the project has remained in pre-alpha for over six months, with no visible plans for further releases.

We recommend this game to those players who can’t live without thrilling fighting simulators and those who simply wish to have a fantastic time with friends online. If you’re interested in exploring other enjoyable Web3 gaming universes, feel free to read other game reviews on our blog or discover the curated collection of Web3 games on Lifty.io.

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