Twelve Most Anticipated Web3 Games of 2023

High inflation, economic problems, the collapse of FTX and Terra, and other factors have led to uncertainty in the blockchain industry, and they caused bearish market conditions in 2022. Luckily, Web3 gaming managed to maintain the original impetus and remained the most actively invested segment in the history of IT with more than $15B USD raised in less than two years. 

These investments helped to release such great blockchain titles with immersive gameplay and outstanding graphics as Superior, Drunk Robots, and Aurory, as we told you about before.  

Today, we are going to introduce you to more Web3 titles that will be available in the near future. Our list includes different genres, including MMORPG, shooters, and strategies. For your convenience, we have organized these titles in three groups. The first and the second ones have already released Beta and Alpha versions respectively, while the games in the last group are under active development and haven’t launched a working prototype yet. No more waiting! Let’s dive into the world of future Web3 gaming!  

Group I: Beta testing

The Harvest

The Harvest is an advanced third-person shooter designed for playing in teams. A closed beta-version is available for selected users. Four different alliances landed on a distant planet, O’Ree-Jin, and started desperately fighting for precious resources. You have to team up with three other heroes and defeat your enemies in 10-minute competitions. For that purpose, you will have to choose one of the four heroes from different alliances. 

Duke from the Drifters Commonwealth is armed with a jetpack and a rocket launcher. Alith from Imperial Triarchy has two shotguns and a quantum blade and can surprise  enemies with a 10-meter leap. Kira from the Ascendancy faction is carrying a submachine light needler and can confuse enemies with projections of herself. Sahad is armed with a sniper rifle best suits those who prefer eliminating enemies from distance. 

Your main goal is to harvest as many resources as possible. In order to do this, you will have to eliminate enemies, their NPCs and heal your teammates. Before the match, you will have to choose 8 of 15 gaming cards that determine your powers. There are a total of 132 gaming cards for all the heroes, but only 72 of them are NFTs. Players can find NFTs in the mystery boxes on the Fractal and Binance NFT marketplaces. 

At this point, the tokenomics of the project is still being developed, but the team aims to launch the $HAR token and the in-game soft currency EOL to reward the most active players on the leaderboard and ones completing daily quests. By the way, given the traction of pre-alpha tournaments with huge rewards, it seems that The Harvest has great chances to become a popular e-sport after the official release. The team has also announced the release on Steam in Q2 2023, but it didn’t make any statements about NFT support.

Undead Blocks

Undead Blocks is a Web3 gem for the fans of zombie shooters like Left 4 Dead. The player is under constant tension, as the danger lurks in every corner. At the same time, the game loop is classic for the genre: you jump into the game with the simplest weapon kit and start killing evil dead to get the XP points. Players can also choose one of four modes and jump into the game alone or with their teammate, try to survive a certain number of enemy waves, or eliminate maximum enemies in a set timeframe.

The game is running on two tokens, $UNDEAD and $ZBUX. $UNDEAD is used for the governance and to purchase primary weapon loadouts. $ZBUX is used for rewards. Players earn Gold ZBUX, valued at $0.10, in competitions and can withdraw their rewards. 

The best part is that you can play the game for free and still earn the rewards. You can download the beta version for Windows and Mac on the Wagyu page, and the final release is planned for 2023. You can also find more information about Undead Blocks and the game NFTs on our platform.


Illuvium is also one of the most awaited Web3 games. And we clearly understand why! The game mixes different genres, including RPG with a detailed open world and PVP battle arena. On top of that, it is based on a fantastic narrative and backed by the team of film and gaming industry professionals.

The hero’s spaceship crashed into an unknown planet, inhabited by fantastic creatures, the illuvials, with different powers and abilities. Now you have to venture into this incredible world to subdue illuvials and capture them with special devices, called shards. As it has been mentioned above, Illuvium includes the PVP arena where players can battle with other teams of illuvials and hunters to prove their superiority.

The game includes a number of rewarding opportunities, like competitions and quests. On top of that, players can also trade illuvials as NFTs on the in-game marketplace. $ETH is the primary token in the game used for trading and upgrading assets, or placing bets for the battles. Another synthetic token, $sILV2, is used for the transactions that do not engage other players, like journeys through the open world, but you can’t trade illuvials for $sILV2.

Although Illuvium may seem to be a clone of the Pokèmon series, but in fact the game environment is much wider and includes Illuvium Zero where players can collect resources and use them for venturing into Illuvium Overworld, or for battling in Illuvium Arena.

Big Time

Big time is another highly anticipated Web3 RPG with a remarkable story that has already launched Beta testing for the limited number of NFT and early access pass holders. 

Something went wrong with spacetime, and different periods of history started mixing with each other. The civilization is on the brink of extinction. A corporation called Big Time sells journeys to the refugee center at the end of spacetime for the distressed people. The end of spacetime is also a home for Evermore Academy which gathered the best minds and became the last hope for humanity.

Before joining the quest with your teammates, you have to choose a hero from the four available classes: The Time Warrior who prefers close combat, The Chronomancer using magic, The ninja Shadowblade, and The Quantum Fixer who can serve as a field medic or an engineer. You can change the class and save your game when you find a pocket watch.

Big Time has a complex economy. The game features two types of NFTs: cosmetic and utility. Utility NFT gives you the power to produce, upgrade, and repair rare weapons, armor, and other items. You can get NFTs by defeating enemies or trade them on the Big Time Marketplace. On top of that, the owners of Hourglass NFT can generate the $TIME tokens while playing the game. These tokens can be used to mint cosmetic NFTs.

As we have mentioned before, the beta version of the game is available for a limited number of players. Don’t forget to visit the game’s page on to get the latest updates about the final release.

Group II: Alpha testing

Champions Ascension

You may think that Champions Ascension is a simple fighting simulator leveraging NFT functionality, nevertheless the game metaverse includes a bunch of extra options like creating new inventory or trading the land plots.

As a wise manager, you will have to train and equip your brave gladiators, which are grouped in multiple families and classes with different abilities and functional parts, like fangs and wings. You can also buy and create items for your heroes to increase their chances for victory. Your champions will receive upgrades for winning matches or completing achievements.

The game is utilizing three tokens: $ESSENCE, $MASSINA, and $DIAMOND with different functions, including forging items, buying land, staking, etc. Players will be able to trade these tokens for $ETH. 

You can already download pre-alpha and test the battle mode with different combinations and special abilities. Jam City, the mobile gaming giant behind the game, is planning to introduce more gameplay options for players, including building shops, mines, and other facilities later, but the date of the final release remains unclear.

The Beacon  

The Beacon is a new roguelike RPG scheduled to be released in late 2023. This entertaining game is made of pixels, which looks very unusual these days. And yes, you can play it for free together with your friends!

You have to save the beacon protecting the city from waning and, for this reason, you venture out to the dungeons full of monsters with various weapons. Every level includes a unique set of quests and experiences.

The game also includes a social function: players can build individual homes and showcase them to other gamers.

As we have mentioned before, the game is free, but paid players will get access to NFT items, tournaments, and other activities. The Beacon released the early prototype last November. It lacks most of the game features, but you can get the idea about the game’s atmosphere.


MetalCore is an exciting blockchain combat simulator from Studio369, which has already released a similar Web2 title, World of Mechs.

In the distant future, five giant spaceships ventured out to find a new home for humanity after the collapse of the Solar Empire. But only three ships made it through the space void to the destination and landed on a new planet. After that, isolated people divided into alliances and started battling for power and territory. 

After the boot camp as an infantry trooper, you can stay unaligned or join one of the three opposing alliances: Gearbreakers, Metal Punks, or Holy Corp. Now you can use various vehicles and machines, which are stored as NFTs, to battle for territory in different modes, including Base Defense, Domination, and Deathmatch, or the Battle Zone, which involves the control over certain areas within limited time. 

You can try to apply for Alpha testing here. At the same time, Studio369 has scheduled the final release for the first half of 2023. MetalCore NFTs are traded on OpenSea, but the team has emphasized their exclusive value as the game assets and didn’t share any information about other purposes. 


Delysium is a breakthrough Web3 MMO game that supports open-world, multiple assets, and AI technologies. On top of that, the players can contribute to the game narrative by becoming Delysium Multiverse Operators, or simply DMOs. Another strong point is that the game is developed by the leading industry producers from Ubisoft, EA, Scopely, etc., and the engineers with an average 10+ years experience in various AAA games. 

The lore of the game isn’t typical at all. You don’t find the story about venturing to another planet after a big disaster on Earth. On the contrary, all the space travelers decided to come back to our planet. However, they met another form of digital life there, AI MetaBeings, that had captivated the globe. These creatures can own inventory and participate in the game like other players.

In October 2022, the game’s Alpha showcased the Battle Royale (PVP) mode where teams of three players can join matches with a maximum of 42 participants. Their success totally depends on their tactics and teamplay. Best players can be awarded with NFTs and other game resources.

As we have mentioned before, players can join the game as Delysium Multiverse Operators, or DMOs, and contribute to the ecosystem development by designing various activities with bonuses for players.

Guild of Guardians

Guild of Guardians is a Web3 RPG for Android and iOS allowing players to create teams and earn bonuses. The game is inspired by famous titles like Diablo or Dungeon & Dragons. You will have to run through dungeons filled with dangers and battle with different enemies. Players earn resources, currency and inventory items that allow them to upgrade heroes and defeat top-level enemies.

Before jumping into the dungeon, you have to form a team and align your strategy with the right playstyle. You also have to keep in mind that heroes have different abilities and powers that influence their combat behavior. You can use pets to receive different bonuses, like increased rewards.

The developers are not going to sell the equipment to ensure that the game will be owned by players. However, players will be able to create an NFT inventory and receive bonuses for daily tasks and ranking on the leaderboard. The native game token, $GOG, will be used to trade items on the marketplace, create NFTs, and for other purposes.

At the time of writing (January 2023), the game has closed application for Pre-Alpha demo, while the official launch is scheduled for the second half of 2023. 

Group III: Under active development


There are at least two facts that make Civitas a special Web3 game. First, it is a city building strategy, and there are few compelling Web3 titles of this genre now. Second, it is developed by industry veterans.

As you can understand, you will have to build and develop your settlement, while all your decisions will affect the land’s statistics and available resources. You will also have to cooperate with other gamers within the city’s subDAO to erect complex constructions and advance to the next era. 

There are two roles for the players: citizens and nomads. A citizen must hold an NFT and CITI tokens. This role implies voting and participating in subDAO. Free players are referred to as nomads. But they still have a lot of opportunities, like modifying their plot, constructing buildings, crafting, etc. 

CITI is the native game token running on the Ethereum blockchain. Players can earn rewards in these tokens and NFTs through collecting resources, completing quests,  and exploring AR opportunities. Yes, the game plans to implement Mario Party-like AR mini-games. At this point, the final release date is not clear, but the roadmap claims that its Alpha will be available in early 2023.


Shrapnel is a Web3 FPS developed by the team of professionals formerly involved in building the game franchises, like HALO, Call of Duty, and Westworld. On top of battles with other players, the platform allows players to create content for the game. 

As a result of the meteorite bombardment a huge part of Earth became uninhabited. Now this area is known as the Sacrifice Zone, or simply the Zone. The area is rich with a new precious resource that led to a conflict between nations and multinational companies for the right to mine it.

You have to pick one of the operators from three available options, assault specialist, survivalist, or infosec unit, and select the inventory for the hero. Some inventory items are stored as NFTs on the blockchain. Now you are ready to venture to the Zone to find and extract resources. You can also upgrade your operator and advance through the specific skill tree.

Players will have a lot of options to create content, including NFTs, inventory, levels, maps, etc. Shrapnel seems to be a groundbreaking Web3 project, but at the time of writing (January 2023) it does not have neither a playable prototype nor a clear release date.


Blocklords is one more strategy on our list. Players will be able to explore the medieval world as a simple farmer, a brave knight, or an insidious raider. Yet the best of them will be able to control the land as a Lord or a Lady.

Those who don’t have a hero will start a game as farmers. They will obtain a land plot from a lord or a lady and start working, constructing, and harvesting resources. Farmers can also have NPC helpers. There are many ways to earn profit as a farmer, including crafting or trading items.

After collecting sufficient resources, you may lead an army as a knight or a raider. Raiders may receive a lucrative profit, but at the same time their risks are too high. On the contrary, knights rely on their monarch and receive a comparatively modest reward. The most successful players will govern the territory as lords or ladies. They will be in charge of building towns and infrastructure, and their decision will affect all of others. The best players will take the role of the king or the queen and lead the whole nation. 

There is little information about the game mechanics and plans, but we certainly know that every hero is unique and stored on the blockchain. The developers haven’t announced the final release date yet, but you can pre-register for early access by buying or claiming a chest.

Final thoughts

2022 was a breakthrough year for blockchain gaming as we received many long-awaited titles with high-standard graphics and top game opportunities. However, this list shows that developers and studios are planning to release even more astonishing content in the upcoming years.

Web3 games sometimes seem complex and may confuse players with their options and opportunities. If you want to get more information about the latest Web3 titles, make sure to add to your favorites and visit our site regularly. Liquidifty features more than 25 selected Web3 games, including Shrapnel, The Beacon, Undead Blocks we told you about today. You can track the progress of the most active gamers in your favorite titles with our unique game analytics tool, or choose the best NFT to start.

We are building the best platform for Web3 gamers, and sincerely hope to make your Web3 gaming journey as easy and entertaining as possible.

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