Phantom Galaxies: an awesome Web3 space sim for just one dollar

Are you into Web3 gaming? Then, you must remember the recent Twitter threads about the new AAA titles that would soon replace play-to-earn games. And they would finally make crypto gaming fun for players. 

By now, we’ve seen some fresh Web3 releases, like Grit and Apeiron, that have literally proved that Web3 games are catching up with mainstream ones in this regard. But recently we came across another game that surprised and excited us even more – Phantom Galaxies. And before we share our impressions in the review, please take a moment and check a short video below. 

Fascinating, isn’t it? And this is just the alpha! Keep reading to know more about this Web3 masterpiece!

A brief intro to Phantom Galaxies: four ideas for your journey in this hot space sim

In brief, Phantom Galaxies combines elements of a space exploration game with advanced RPG quests. This title is highly recommended to the players who can’t live without the Gundam games, the fans of the Transformers movie series and the Pacific Rim franchise.

In the beginning, you join a ranger squad as a pilot of a mechanized starfighter. Your primary mission is to maintain peace in the distant “non-colonization areas” of the galaxy. These remote areas are plagued by numerous enemies, like pirate guilds and evil Sha’Har aliens. Though the aliens have a technological advantage, human pilots try to counter them with their exceptional craftsmanship.

We could talk about the game’s exciting lore for a long time. But we don’t want to spoil the fun for you, and we’ll just share the four amazing ideas for your virtual space journey below.

Explore the galaxy on your starfighter

Start with choosing your Mecha Starfighter. Remember that each one comes with its own set of traits, like speed, armor, and weapons. 

Each robot allows you to explore the galaxy. Simply press the G button to transform into a spaceship. You can use a system of space portals to travel between the sectors. However, sometimes you will have to fly a lot to reach one of them. So, keep speed in mind when selecting your robot.

Engage in epic space battles

As you may guess, the space offers a lot more than just sightseeing. Your craft is equipped with an array of dangerous weapons, such as turrets and missiles. It’s a dangerous force. Pursue your enemies and use all your firepower to eliminate them! And don’t forget to press A or S twice to dodge the enemy shots!

Win robot fights on the ground

Though you may use a mecha mode in space, it best suits ground operations. Use your rockets to glide on the surface and smash your enemies with your machine gun or laser blade.

Communicate with other characters and get involved in side quests

Apart from the main storyline, there are various locations and different characters in the game. Do not hesitate to explore the ranger base and talk to your crewmates to receive more tasks for your journey.  

How to start playing Phantom Galaxies

Got hooked by the astonishing gameplay and intriguing plot? Ready to dive into this space sim and give it a try? Great idea! Here’s a quick guide on how to hop into this Web3 gem.

How to download Phantom Galaxies? Is Phantom Galaxies free-to-play?
Players can already access alpha and beta versions of Phantom Galaxies. In order to do this, you will have to purchase a Phantom Galaxies NFT and install one of the following wallets on your PC: Wallet Connect, MetaMask, or CoinBaseWallet. 

To access the Alpha, purchase an NFT from the Phantom Galaxies Origin Collection. Currently, the floor price is less than one USD.

For Beta access, you’ll need to shell out and purchase NFTs from the following series:

Note that owners of these NFTs can join the Beta in cohorts. To learn more about the process and other benefits for NFT owners, please join the project’s Discord channel and check the Medium.

Connect your wallet with NFT, generate the code, and download the Phantom Galaxies Launcher.

What is the difference between Alpha and Beta versions of Phantom Galaxies?

The Beta version includes updated control scheme and UI. There are also some upgraded weapons and daily bounty missions with in-game credit rewards. On top of this, you can also see other players in different areas.

What are the minimum system requirements for Phantom Galaxies?

The game is currently available only for PC, and the suggested system specifications include:

OS: Windows 10 64-bit

CPU: 9th generation Intel i5 or equivalent


GPU: AMD/Nvidia dedicated GPU, 6Gb VRAM/Shader Model 6.1 (Geforce GTX 980Ti/Radeon RX 5600XT)

HDD: 25GB available

When is the Phantom Galaxies release date? 
As per the game’s lightpaper, the early access version will be available in Q3 2023.

Can you earn rewards in Phantom Galaxies?

Currently, there are no ways to earn profit in the game. However, after the final release, Phantom Galaxies will use the ASTRAFER token for governance, along with some other fungible tokens for materials and resources.

Players will also have the opportunity to own planets within the vast game universe. Owners will be able to build marketplaces, hangars for starships, and other structures to generate passive income. 

NFT holders will have full control over planets, giving them the option to rule as dictators or share power with citizens in a republic. At the moment, the planet minting is available for the Planet Genesis Mintpass Holders. As usual, you will be able to trade the game NFTs and make profit.

Final thoughts

In a nutshell, we enjoyed playing this Web3 release very much. This feedback may sound straightforward, but it perfectly captures the essence of the game. The immersive lore and gameplay are as captivating as those of traditional games. The RPG quests and dialogs reminded us of The Outer Worlds, while the laser sword battles can rival the Armored Core series. At the same time, the detailed settings of the space can easily match the artwork found in Star Conflict.

To conclude, Phantom Galaxies is an exceptional space simulator with RPG mechanics currently available for Web3 gamers. What’s more, you can enjoy this top-ranked game for less than one dollar. Which is nothing for a game these days. Therefore, we sincerely recommend that you try this masterpiece. 

If you find this review helpful, feel free to read more about the top Web3 games in our blog. And make sure to visit our game catalog where you can find the best releases and sort them by genres, blockchains, and platforms. 

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