A complete guide on earning in Undead Blocks

Play-to-earn is UNDEAD, isn’t it? 🧟🎮 That’s what we’ll try to figure out today! We bet you’ve heard about Undead Blocks, a breakthrough survival Web3 shooter on the Ethereum network which has been dubbed “the world’s first AAA Web3 title”. If you somehow missed it, feel free to read more about this game and other most anticipated Web3 titles in our previous blog entry

Now, let’s move straight to the most important news. Recently, the team behind the project announced that the soft launch with daily earnings is available for players. For this reason, we’ve decided to try out this epic “kill-to-earn” game, see which rewards are open for players and share our feedback with the community. 

A little theory behind the game

Before we dive deeper into the game experience and earning reward, let’s talk about the project’s basics and tokenomics. 

Undead Blocks features a dual-token model, where the main token, or $UNDEAD, is used for governance, staking, and purchases. On top of that, Undead Blocks has two in-game currencies – Standard ZBUX and Gold ZBUX. Free players can earn Standard ZBUX in the Solo mode and spend the tokens on Loot coffins with various tradable gear. However, you need an NFT to join the VIP Solo mode and have a chance to grab some Gold ZBUX. Gold ZBUX is a top reward token with a fixed rate of $0.10 which can be traded for another crypto in the game wallet.

Another important point – players are getting XP points for the zombies they kill. Though, the amount of points you receive depends on shot accuracy, while you get the most for headshots. XP is a very important part of the gameplay as players can spend these points to interact with the environment. This includes opening doors, picking up weapons, or buying Dr. Helper health packs. But note that, in the Vip Solo mode, players are able to pick up inventory and purchase boosters only if they have these items in their wallets.

At the moment players can choose between several modes to test-drive the beta version of the game. But please note that you won’t receive any rewards in Pistol Speedrun, AKM Assault, or MP5 Massacre. Players need to choose the Solo mode to receive Standard ZBUX without any investments. In order to receive Gold ZBUX, which is the most lucrative reward, players will have to join the VIP Solo mode. But there’s a catch – they will need an NFT.

Now, let’s get to the point! We’ll describe our attempt to win some rewards in Gold ZBUX in the VIP Solo mode.

How to start playing

To start playing Undead Blocks, you will have to register an account on Wagyu games. This step is very simple. You will have to fill in your credentials and solve an easy captcha.

Now, navigate to the Dashboard and download the game. The launcher is available both for PC and Mac.

The dashboard includes many helpful features, like buying Loot Coffins for a chance to win some gear, organizing your inventory, or swapping and withdrawing your tokens.

As we’ve mentioned before, you will need an NFT to earn gold Zbux in the VIP Solo mode. At the moment, there are only two NFT collections eligible for daily rewards – Undead Blocks Genesis Weapons and Apocalypse Collection. With every NFT from these collections, you will get access to the VIP mode and a set of weapons to eliminate the undead. 

However, the prices of NFTs vary greatly. Thus, on March 22, the cheapest option, Rookie #241, costs 0.067 ETH, or about $121. But this set includes a combat knife, a Remington 870 shotgun, and an M1911 pistol. At the same, there are many other NFTs priced up to 2.5 ETH with more effective weapons to use in future combats with zombies. Please also note that Genesis Weapons NFT owners will be able to access the game tournaments and drops in the future. So this investment may pay off in the long run.

Now, you can connect your wallet with your NFT to your profile on Wagyu games, launch Undead Blocks, select the VIP Solo mode, and start playing. 

The rewards 

Frankly speaking, we can’t say that our experience was that much rewarding. We’ve only received some Standard ZBUX from greenish containers after dealing with hordes of undead for a couple of hours.

In total, our bonus accounted for about 33K Standard ZBUX which was not enough to redeem a Loot Coffin, priced 50K ZBUX, in order to find some tradable gear inside.

At the same time, other gamers (1, 2, 3) have reported receiving rewards in Gold ZBUX. In all three cases players received $100 in the game tokens which used to be the maximum reward. But since that time, the team has upped the maximum bonus offer to $1,000.

Bottom line

Undead Blocks definitely has great entertainment potential and can one day become a full-fledged Web3 version of Left 4 Dead. The game has many advantages, like original weapon skins and zombie models, advanced graphics, and many more. After all, the rewards spawning randomly on the map also keep players thrilled and excited.

At the same time, the game comes with a number of drawbacks, including limited video preferences, low hardware optimization, and unstable frame rate. Though, we have to keep in mind that we are dealing with a beta version. Hopefully, the team will fix these flaws by the final release. 

Finally, the earning potential. As described above, we didn’t get any rewards in Gold ZBUX and received only a small bonus in Standard ZBUX after a few hours of playing. These results may be attributed to the fact that the rewards are distributed in a random manner, or to the NFT we bought in the beginning (we had a simple Rookie set).

On the other hand, Undead Blocks is probably one of the few Web3 titles that still employs the concept of daily earnings while many other titles avoid it to prevent the reward abuse. We also have to admit that the team is doing its best to provide more incentives and earning opportunities for the community. This includes the recent boost for rewards in Gold ZBUX we described above, the introduction of tournaments with huge prize pools, and NFT renting opportunities for those who want to test-drive the Play-to-Earn features.

Thus, after playing this game, we can say that Play-to-Earn is probably UNDEAD here, but you will definitely need some luck and a lot of time to win sufficient rewards at the moment.

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