Liquidifty Marketplace: what opportunities does it give?

The NFT world is evolving so fast that the number of marketplaces is growing rapidly. And here comes the Liquidifty platform, one of the best NFT marketplaces that offers cool possibilities for taking part in Launchpad events and many more options for investing in different crypto products.

Liquidifty Platform

Get into the Crypto World with Our Launchpad Events

The main page of our marketplace immediately takes you to the magical world of our projects. And the first opportunity for you is to participate in our INOs and IDOs. 

Initial Non-Fungible Token Offering (INO) is a chance for you to buy tokens at an early stage of the project. The INO promotes NFT liquidity, simplifies the listing process, avoids risk, and provides inclusiveness for all users.

Initial Decentralized Offering (IDO) is the ability to buy tokens on a decentralized exchange (DEX). The IDO blocks some of the funds raised in liquidity pools to create a liquid market after the sale. It helps to reduce volatility and make investments safer.

We also choose projects very carefully, so you can participate with confidence! 

Our marketplace presents a unique ability to participate in the launch of top projects without whitelisting and registration.

In this article, you can find out more about the Launchpad events.

High allocation without being whitelisted is already enough reason to join our marketplace, but there are other reasons, too. After IDO, the token grows by tens, hundreds, or even thousands of percent. Therefore, if you are looking for a simple but effective chance to make money or become an early investor in cool projects, IDO is exactly for you! Also, we regularly host NFT airdrops for major projects like Axie Infinity, Animalia, and Guild of Guardians. 

For example, during the first airdrop, we raffled NFT of Axie Infinity, Three Kingdoms, and Kryptomon among pass holders. Recently our marketplace carried out NFT airdrops of the Wanaka farm, vEmpire, Real Realm, and Cryptoblades projects.

In the picture below, you can check more projects that are part of the airdrops on the marketplace.

Opening your store is easy with us

Whether you’re an experienced digital artist or starting a new NFT project, our marketplace offers the occasion to launch the store. You can create your store on different networks or even make it multi-chain. We support Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Polygon Chain, having OKC and Avalanche on the way.

You also have the opportunity to make a personalized and cool profile. We’ve added dark themes, header videos, and profile activity. Now you can customize your profile the way you like! 

We take nothing to open a store, and the team is here to help you at every step of the way.

Here you can read our step-by-step guide on how to make it.

We also provide marketing support for different NFT projects. You can find out all the details about partnership with us on our website

Also there you can find all the contacts for communication with us!

Game analytics – check it to choose a profitable game

We also have game analytics for you! We analyze all deals with contract games, monitor the behavior of thousands of players, and make a conclusion about whether it is worth starting to play now or not. It is very important that the solutions are not based on hype or marketing. Our decisions are based solely on data!

On our website, you can already find the analysis of several games. In each review, you can see all the data and analyze it easily.

Join it to learn more:

Liquidity is a platform that brings more liquidity to the NFT market and provides more use cases for all NFT holders. Everyone can use cross-network NFT oracles, trade tokens in a convenient cross-network market, or participate in the multi-ownership feature.

As you can see, there are many opportunities for developing your NFT projects on our platform. Keep in mind, do your own research, and everything will succeed!

If you want to know all the news first, stay tuned:


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