Join SecondLive to host a virtual party, earn tokens, and experience metaverse yourself

Nowadays, gamers have many options when it comes to playing top web3 games. They can enjoy high-class shooters, outstanding role playing games, or engaging sport simulators. The new titles have already outshined one of the most widely discussed concepts in Web3, which was a major buzzword about two years ago, and possibly made Facebook to rebrand itself to Meta. As you may have guessed, we are talking about the metaverse.

Metaverse games have great potential to revolutionize the gaming industry. They allow players to create their own content and experiences, socialize with other people in real time, own game assets through blockchain technologies, earn tokens and other valuable rewards. 

In this article, we will explore SecondLive, one of the top metaverse projects currently available to users. The platform has been backed by Binance and partnered with many notable companies, such as BurgerCities and CryptoPunks, among others. These partnerships have resulted in numerous exciting online events with crypto rewards for participants. You will know how to participate in these events to receive bonuses and take the advantage of other benefits of SecondLive.

What can you do in the metaverse: five ideas for SecondLive users

SecondLive can be easily confused with another well-known online game, Second Life. While both games allow players to engage with fellows in a vast virtual world, SecondLive sets itself apart by incorporating advanced Web3 functionalities, like creating your own NFTs or allowing users to earn tokens after completing the tasks.

Currently, SecondLive has clients for both Mac and PC, with the option to access a web version as well. The metaverse comprises several gameplay elements, including an avatar editor, virtual spaces, and a marketplace. We will briefly explore each component below.

Personalize your metaverse avatar

The first element allows you to create your digital identity by modifying your character’s body parts and adorning them with various garments. The editor includes numerous advanced features and will be considered a real deal by the Sims fans.

Attend events in the metaverse

This feature allows the inhabitants of SecondLive to participate in a wide range of activities, such as concerts, AMA sessions, and giveaways. Many of these events offer valuable token rewards, and you can always check the best offers here.

Like The Sandbox and Decentraland metaverses, players have full control over their character and can move freely through these locations

Start a business in the metaverse

As a business owner, you have the opportunity to showcase your brand in SecondLive and host virtual events within the platform. By doing this, you will join prominent blockchain pioneers such as Pudgy Penguins, Crypto Punks, and BurgerCities, who have already used this exciting opportunity. Follow this link to get started.

Have a virtual hangout with friends

As an individual user, you can invite your friends to your personal space in SecondLive, where you can watch movies and TV shows together, or enjoy playing jigsaw puzzles. For more information on how to manage your personal space, please navigate here.

Buy cosmetics and garment NFTs on the marketplace 

Want to make your avatar stand out from the crowd? Then, simply navigate to the SecondLive in-game marketplace to choose your new fancy outlook or even a pet. The options are limitless.

How to enter the metaverse and make profit

SecondLive does not include many advanced gameplay options or an exciting lore behind it, and therefore, it doesn’t resemble a classic video game. However, participants have a chance to take the advantage of the following metaverse earning opportunities:

  • Taking part in events with prizes in tokens and NFTs organized by various Web3 brands and companies. 

    As an example, the recent Plant Crossing X SecondLive treasure hunt offered metaverse inhabitants the opportunity to win branded NFT outfits for their avatars, prizes in the BEAN tokens, and one of 20 mystery boxes worth $300. Follow SecondLive on Twitter to be the first to know about the most rewarding activities.
  • Becoming a creator and joining various artistic initiatives.

    SecondLive includes an advanced set of tools for designing avatars and objects. If you are familiar with 2D and 3D modeling or know how to use the Unity engine, you can submit your application for the SecondLive Creators Program. If approved, you will be able to create your own game objects (avatar, outfits, dance programs, accessories, furniture, and spaces) and earn up to 10% royalty on each successful trade on the marketplace. 

On top of that, SecondLive holds many other rewarding initiatives for creators, such as the most valuable creator contest or the recent Second Live Creator Carnaval, with prizes in OATs (On-chain Achievements Tokens) and $BEAN. Keep an eye on the project’s social media to be the first to be aware of the opportunities for artists.

Once you acquire more than 100 $BEAN in your balance, you will be able to claim them every Monday from 8 to 10 AM (UTC). Then, users can stake $BEAN and earn $LIVE, which is a BEP-20 token used for the SecondLive governance and ecosystem development.

We have to note that, at the moment, players cannot withdraw their $BEAN rewards, and both tokens haven’t yet been listed on the crypto exchanges. However, earning rewards in $BEAN and $LIVE does not require any significant investments or efforts. After the successful listing in the future, you may be able to sell the tokens and profit from it.  

Bottom line

SecondLive definitely represents an exciting opportunity for Web3 enthusiasts to experience the metaverse. The project offers numerous ways to customize your character with the help of a built-in editor, ensuring that you stand out from the crowd. Moreover, you can organize your own virtual parties, hang out with your friends, or even hold business meetings within the platform. SecondLive can accommodate up to 10K concurrent users which can satisfy the needs of the most popular gatherings. This sounds very appealing to businesses seeking to establish a presence in the metaverse. At the same time, players can also take advantage of many rewarding opportunities in the metaverse, including winning prizes in the branded events, selling crafted NFT items on the marketplace, or earning the BEAN tokens.

However, SecondLive has a very limited gameplay and no sound, so if you’re looking for a more engaging Web3 experience, feel free to explore our catalog with the best Web3 games, which includes a wide selection of genres and can satisfy the most picky players. Additionally, you can visit the “Upcoming Events” section to find the most rewarding giveaways in the crypto gaming space. And don’t forget that you can easily enhance your chances of winning them by using GamerScore!

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