Gala Games’ New Release: A Wild West Battle Royale “Grit”

Are you tired of Web3 alphas and betas with nothing more than just one level and a few skins? Then, Grit is the game you’ve been waiting for! 

This thrilling cowboy battle royale is packed with exciting content, including guns, revolvers, horse chases, train shoutouts, ‘easter eggs’, and much more. “But are you really talking about a Web3 game?” you might wonder. Absolutely! Watch the video below to get rid of doubts.

The best part is that you can play Grit for free, but you also have an option to buy NFTs for exclusive skins and rewards in the $GALA tokens. Keep reading to learn more about this exciting Web3 battle royale.

How to start

Becoming a Web3 cowboy is super easy. You just have to visit the Grit page on Epic Game Store, download the game, and install it. 

If you plan to use optional Web3 mechanics, like tokens and NFTs, you may also require an account on Gala Games. At the moment, the portal supports Coinbase Wallet, Metamask, and OKX Wallet.

But, as mentioned before, you can join the game and have fun for free without purchasing tokens or NFTs.

What sets Grit apart from other Web3 titles

Grit stands out as a great example of a fully-developed game, which unfortunately is uncommon for the industry. This game offers players a truckload of exciting features and experiences.

First, let’s compare Grit with other titles. If you ask us, the game feels like a wild west PUBG with Web3 implementations. The same will probably come to your mind when you simply look at the inventory or encounter the toxic zone that will once start to surround you.

One of the most significant advantages of Grit is the vast map featuring diverse objects and buildings, and encompassing a range of natural zones: forests, plains, and even snowy mountains. The map is bounded by “invisible walls,” creating a sense of endless landscapes beyond them.

Looks stunning, right?

The next big thing about Grit is horse as a means of transport since we are in the 19th century. Horses are everywhere, you can battle on them or share a filly with a friend and ride together, as you can see above. However, you won’t be able to steal someone’s horse immediately, since you will have to wait for some time to do this. This feature sets Grit apart from PUBG, where you can immediately steal your enemy’s vehicle.

Trains also play a significant role in the game. There are three of them, and each serves as a safe zone which disappears when there are three players left on the map. Fortunately, there is a permanent safe zone unrelated to the trains. Each locomotive hosts two loot boxes: one filled with weapons and the other containing miscellaneous items.

Here’s how you can use the benefits of trains: if you’re not a proficient shooter, and a train loses its safe zone, take advantage of your healing supplies. Find cover inside the train, ride along, and use this opportunity to heal yourself and improve your ranking.

On top of the advantages above, players also can spend hours exploring the game’s gear and weapons, such as rifles, revolvers, and more, which vary in rarity levels and capacity, like the number of charges they can shoot.

How to earn rewards

According to the official announcement, there are two ways to earn rewards in the $GALA tokens in Grit:

Once you do this, you will have to complete challenges in Logbook and win battles with other cowboys to earn Victory Points, which will be converted to the $GALA tokens. 

However, now rewards in Grit have been paused as the team plans to review the economy and release a new Light Paper soon. Nevertheless, some users have already reported receiving token rewards prior to the update. So, now you can enjoy the game and wait for updates from the team. 

Thoughts and conclusions

In short, Grit is a must-play Web3 title, offering vast opportunities and a wide selection of gear and weapons for gamers. Moreover, the game includes a lot of exclusive content, such as shooting off hats from heads or “easter eggs” on the map.

Remember this booth?

But unfortunately, the game currently lacks active players. We had to wait for about half an hour to find a match, which gave us some time to wander around the map. But obviously, a successful battle royale should have a lot of players.

You can try to speed up the search for opponents by switching game servers. North America is the most favorable choice for finding a match, while Europe and Asia/Pacific are the least popular servers.

The lack of activity can be partly attributed to the paused rewards, as seen by the reduced number of messages on the game Discord after the rewards were put on hold. However, we are very optimistic that once the bonus system is updated, more gamers will join Grit, allowing the community to thrive. And now we encourage you to try this battle royale yourself and experience a fresh perspective on Web3 gaming!

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