New Gamer Profile: Track Your ROI, Connect with Players, Earn Rewards

Last week, we introduced Liquidfty V.0.9.3 and its new feature – Gamer Profile – a game-changer for Web3 gamers. With the new gamer profile, you can track your Web3 gaming activity without effort: check your portfolio in the top Web3 games, connect with other players, and earn rewards. To try it out, visit and connect your wallet. Learn more about the benefits of a Gamer profile in this piece.

What do You Get with the New Gamer Profile?

Track your portfolio. We learned that it might be challenging to keep track of your expenses in P2E gaming; that’s why Liquidifty helps you to calculate them. We analyze your wallet activity to see what NFTs and tokens you use in a game. Go to your profile, connect your wallet, and see how much you have spent on a certain game, how much you made by playing it, and your average ROI. 

Currently, the feature is available for the top Web3 games: APEmove, Heroes&Empires, Drunk Robots, Draco Master, Bomb Crypto, Thetan Arena, Era 7, and Tiny world. Many more exciting projects are coming soon!

Are you interested in another game? Let us know here, and our team will make sure to add it to your profile asap!

Connect with other gamers. You can see the total number of players in a game. If you click, you’ll see who exactly plays and maybe find some of your friends! Go to the profiles of the top gamers, follow them, and check what they currently invest their time in. Be part of this thriving community, see other users’ progress, compete, and have fun! 

Win prizes for being at the top. Besides earning in Web3 gaming, make more for being good at it! Liquidifty plan to encourage the best players with gifts! Get to the top of the ranking in a certain game to prove that you are not a newbie! Follow us on social media not to miss news about the prizes.

New Achievement System. Grow your achievements by being active! Connect your wallet, personalize your profile and complete all the necessary information, buy your first NFT, and put it on sale – all these simple actions will earn you an achievement. 

We offer the best NFTs to Start for top Web3 games on our platform. We gathered a group of game testers that helped us to conduct the analysis and decide which NFTs will give you the best ROI when you start playing. 

How do We Make it Work?

A few months back, we released our first Gaming Analytics. We analyze all transactions and smart contracts related to the games and track player behavior and habits to make a decision and forecast if it’s the right time to join the game now. Our decisions aren’t based on hype but on cold honest data

Today, we implemented Gaming analytics on a deeper level by personalizing it for every gamer. The moment you connect your wallet, our system calculates your ROI and displays all the NFTs you own. 

In Gaming Analytics, you can read about the game, check if it’s a good time to join the game, the number of total players and active players, the ratio between active players,  game performance,  and token summary. 

Note that this is a beta version of the new gaming features. Your feedback is very important to us, so if you have experienced any issues, please let us know via Telegram, and we will be happy to assist. 

Now go to the platform, connect your wallet, and play smart with Liquidifty! 

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