Level up your portfolio with NFT Gaming Analytics

Feeling overwhelmed trying to decide on which upcoming NFT games to invest in – this article will help you find clarity. 

Why you should invest in NFT gaming

The NFT gaming market is still emerging – each day, it seems that a new P2E project appears on the market. To us, it appears that the entire NFT industry is shifting toward gaming.

The statistics tell the real story: 

  • 49% of crypto wallet activity comes from games;
  • 3.5M active wallets in games;
  • 20% of NFT sales volume in 2021
was gaming-related assets.

Of course, a big shift in the market opens doors for scams and unprofitable projects. However, P2E games are great at attracting players, whose main goals are to generate income and enjoy the storylines and core gameplay loops.

With so many potential projects in the works, we understand how overwhelming it can be to get started with investing in P2E games. It’s difficult to choose a game to back, as the criteria are nebulous, and there are no guarantees in this market.

That’s why we’ve developed a new offering for this market – an data-driven, analysis-informed recommendation service. Let our expert research and experience help you to choose the best P2E games with fast ROI, so you can start earning money quickly.

Why do we believe in this service?

We hope to improve the NFT gaming industry and help users find profitable and trustworthy projects to investment in, because more investment means more great games for us all to enjoy – and more profits!

With hundreds of gaming projects sold already on our marketplace, and an NFT portfolio valued at over $300,000, you can rest assured that we know how to make wise and successful investments.

The most important thing to us is bringing value to our users. We’ll present you with information about various play-to-earn projects that we recommend investing in; you review our detailed analytics and make a decision. Sounds simple, right? It is! 

How does it work?

Our concept, at its core, brings expert analytics directly to players and potential investors. Our team of analysts is here to provide you with the information you need to invest with confidence and maximize your profits.

We analyze all transactions and contracts related to the games under our review, as well as tracking player behavior and habits in order to draw our conclusions on which games will be profitable to play, and which will not.

Our decisions aren’t based on hype or slick marketing materials, but on cold, hard data. 

You can check our website to browse our analytics, descriptions of various games, and our recommendations on whether it’s a good time to start playing and investing time and money.
Ready to choose your next NFT game? Do it with the assistance of Liquidifty Analytics.

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