Quickstart guide on playing Cross the Ages and earning rewards

Quickstart guide on playing Cross the Ages and earning rewards

Card games usually require more time to understand the basics than other genres. At the same time, players may spend eternity mastering their skills in card games. This condition is especially true when we speak about Cross The Ages (CTA) where sophisticated game mechanics and affinities mix with the dystopian universe based on sci-fi novels full of natural superpowers and advanced technologies. 

The seven books which describe the CTA universe and its inhabitants will be published within seven years. At the moment, players are free to read the first and the second chapters if they want to know more about the cards and the heroes appearing in the game. More creatures, machines, and monsters will be added into the game after the next chapters will be released. 

Starting the game

Cross the Ages is a free cross-platform Web3 game available for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. Visit the download page, select the desired option, and follow the instructions to install the game.

You can also create an account in advance, otherwise you will need to do it in the game. Click New account in the top right corner of the screen. Enter a user name, select country and date of birth, and set the password. Save your credentials and check your mailbox to activate the account. 

The main menu

After entering the game you will be advised to start a tutorial. Though, like everyone else, we usually skip this step, but this time we recommend following this advice to get a sense of the game’s basics. You will also need a deck to start. Simply use a default training deck or opt for building your own one by clicking the Select deck or the Cards buttons in the main menu. 

Don’t forget to check the Missions section that features daily, weekly, event, and general quests. Players are able to earn the Trisel tokens and bonus chests with random rewards by completing them. The Triesel token is one of the three game tokens which is earned only by playing and can be spent for in-game asset transformations and free cosmetics.


In essence, CTA is a territory conquest card game which consists of PVP matches, or duels. Players need to take control over the board by capturing enemies’ cards with their own assets. Every player has 5 minutes in total to complete a duel and 1.5 minutes for every turn. Mind the latter deadline if you don’t want to lose automatically because you were AFK.

Now, let’s briefly study the game board. There are three main zones on it, including the card properties on the left side, the battle zone in the center, and the heptagram on the right side. Without going into details, you have to put a card with a higher nominal power next to the opponent’s card to attack it and seize. You can win by reaching 65 points, when your opponent’s timer reaches zero, or if he/she was AFK and missed the turn.

The heptagram on the right is a powerful tool to increase your win rate. Use this interactive cheat sheet to understand the complex system of affinities between the elements. Affinity allows you to boost the power of your card if two cards share it, while trinity is a type of interaction that boosts the performance of three cards. Players also have to remember about temporary boosts which can have either positive or negative effects. For example, an attacking Earth card with just 450 power points will defeat a Fire card with 500 power points because Earth always makes Fire weaker by 150 points. 

Every time you start a duel, you have three simple cards and a leader card on hand. You also get an extra card after each turn. On top of simple battle cards, your deck also includes some special items, like leader and field cards. You can choose a leader card and its special attack when building your deck. This card is always drawn at the beginning of the duel. Field card can change the element of the board and boost all cards sharing it, and that involves your enemies’ assets. Field cards are active during three turns, including two turns you make and the one of your opponent in between. For this reason, you should think twice before using such a controversial weapon as a field card.

We hope that now you have some basic understanding of the CTA gameplay. We suggest completing the tutorial and checking the full guide from the game creators if you want to dive deeper into details. And now you can watch one of our epic duels!😎

How to earn rewards

So far, we’ve discovered the only way to earn rewards in CTA. If you have any other ideas, feel free to share them in the comments section!😇 You can earn digital cards in the game, convert them into NFTs, and trade on the marketplace

After winning one of the duels, we’ve received a bonus chest with a digital card inside. The video below explains how to claim a chest and retrieve your rewards. 

But, in order to trade assets, you will have to mint an NFT using your digital card. Let’s look at the card we’ve retrieved from the chest.

As you can see, now it’s a simple digital card. However, if you want to create an NFT, you will need to spend the CTA tokens. Though you will need just a couple of them to mint an NFT, a minimal pack of 100 CTA will cost about $67, and you will need to pay for them in the Prana tokens. Unfortunately, you can’t earn the Prana and CTA tokens by playing so you will definitely need to invest your money. 

For this reason, we suggest improving your digital cards before minting NFTs. There are many ways to do it, including power ups, awakening, or merging cards. This way you will avoid multiple operations, save your CTA tokens, and get a more valuable NFT at the end of the day. You can find more information about improving your cards and NFTs in this section.

Closing thoughts

While playing CTA, we tried to compare it with any traditional Web2 title. However, we didn’t succeed. While some artworks may remind you of Hearthstone, Cross the Ages has unique game mechanics and special vibes.

This title is absolutely a fun-first game. This means that you won’t need to invest your money unless you want to move your digital collectibles or trade them. And, what is even more important, the game is very competitive and pretty hard. To be honest, our win rate was about 20%. And this once again confirms that you have to spend a lot of time to master your skills in any card game. 

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