How to open your NFT Store: step-by-step guide

Looking to create an NFT store for your project? Worried about having to build one from scratch? Don’t worry, it won’t require that much effort! We’ll show you how in this simple, step-by-step guide.

We’ll be using the Liquidifty platform, which allows us to open a store and start selling NFTs quickly. As a bonus, Liquidifty also provides various tools (including marketing support!) to help boost your store’s NFT sales.

Here’s what you’ll need to do to create your NFT store using Liquidifty:

  1. Start at the Liquidifty Marketplace; here, you’ll want to click the “Connect wallet” button. You will need a MetaMask wallet with the BNB network added to it – if you need assistance with that, here’s our guide for doing so.
  1. Once your Metamask wallet is connected and you’ve added the BNB chain to it,  navigate to your Profile via the account menu.
  1. Fill in your account and project details here, such as your username, as well as the name and description of your project and NFT-store. Customize your store’s appearance by uploading a custom photo, and be sure to add your social and website links! 

Need some inspiration? Here’s an example of what your NFT-store could look like:

  1. Now your store looks epic! Now let’s mint or integrate your NFTs. To mint NFTs, simply select “Create NFT” in the upper menu of the page. 

Upload the file for your NFT, then enter details for the NFT Name, description, amount, price, and royalty. After completing all these fields, click “Create”. Be sure to check that you have enough BNB to cover the gas fees!

If you have an NFT collection you’d like to integrate, our team can help you with that! Please reach out to us via the Intercom chat and we’ll be happy to assist you (there’s a button in the lower right corner of the page to do so). In the near future, direct NFT integration will be available through the Liquidifty interface.

Liquidifty offers various tools to help boost the sales of your NFT collections:

  • Mystery boxes that contain a random NFT from your collection, which users can purchase for a fixed price. We recommend including NFTs of varying rarity levels so users are incentivized to buy for a chance to own something rare. 
  • Token bundles allow you to sell groups of tokens from different contracts, making bulk purchases easier for users. Here’s an example of a token bundle:
  • Marketing and full technical support! We will audit your project’s social networks, make recommendations for your communication channels, include your projects in our marketing events, and help with advertising through various social media channels. 

These tools are just a few of the many advantages you’ll gain through your partnership with Liquidifty!

  1. You’re now ready to start selling NFTs from your new store! The page is fully yours; we don’t charge anything for creating a store, so you can focus on making sales!

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