Tiny World: is the game still worth playing?

Today we want to give you an overview of one of the top NFT games – Tiny World. The game attracted many users and appeared at the Top of Dappradar. Having peaked in March 2021, the game token fell drastically since, and winning became fairly complicated. We gathered all the useful stats about Tiny World in our Gaming Analitycs, so click before making any decisions: https://games.liquidifty.io/tiny-worlds

Our experts have played the game, analyzed thousands of transactions and wallets, estimated the chances to win, and made a forecast about the nearest future of Tiny World. Read the article up to the end if you want to know what to expect from this trendy game now.

Tiny World is a BNB chain game universe that combines NFT, DeFi, and Gaming to create a truly stunning experience for users. You will be immersed in the fantastic world with tiny yet powerful heroes.

Project Description

The game became popular in March 2022. Users have invested quite a lot in it – it was in the top 10 games by volume on all chains on Dappradar. 

At the same time there are not so many unique players – around 6,000 users from the launch of the game. 

Tiny World Game Matrix

Tiny world is not just one game, it is a whole ecosystem that consists of several products:

  • Tiny Farm – a complete DeFi system, which includes a series of DeFi elements such as Yield Aggregator, Liquidity Mining, staking, NFT Farming, mystery-box, NFT market, etc. Here we combine cool NFT heroes with DeFi to produce a seamless GameFi experience.
  • Tiny Kingdom – an idle trading game, where players use their free time to battle and get winnings from trading. You can receive fantastic crypto rewards from placing on the different leaderboards and become the best squad in The Kingdom.
  • Tiny Dungeons – a simulation game with a tower defense mechanism. Get NFT land and build your dungeon. Players will be able to loot rewards from other dungeons with successful attacks. Be sure to set your defenses to avoid the same happening to you!


To start playing you need to connect your wallet and get a mystery box with heroes of different levels and rarity. To get heroes you need $TINC.

Heroes are needed to start playing Tiny Kingdom. Tiny Kingdoms provides 3 vs 3 turn-based PvP battles and automatic PvE fights. The main idea of the game is to fight for castles and get all sorts of resources. For example, wood or stone. With resources, you can craft environments and sell them on the internal marketplace for BUSD. 

Further, the more castles you can pass, the more unique and rarer items you will get – they are more interesting for all other market participants.

To go further you either need a better hero or to boost the existing one. If you want to receive a new level – you need to get another hero and crossbreed them.

Apart from this, you can trade items: all materials and equipment, which are given while playing, can be traded on the in-game marketplace.  Also, you can stake tokens and NFTs to get $TINC.


  • Regular updates including statistics, changes, progress, announcements about new events, streams, AMA sessions, etc.
  • The project uses the TokenPocket app (wallet), so you can play from your phone
  • Opportunity to join Binance Streams in multiple languages.


  • The website does not work for all regions, some users have to use VPN.
  • It looks like the ROI is not very attractive, according to the story of the game at this stage.
  • Apparently, the project released too many crystals and materials in the game, due to which their value fell drastically.
  • Multi accounts and bots are unregulated, and this greatly reduces the price of assets in the game.
  • Frequent login problems: There are a lot of reports on the web that the login page of the site regularly gives an error or does not open. Usually, this is resolved within a few minutes, but many people write about this problem equally often.
  • The token has been falling significantly since March and has not been up lately.
  • Asset prices are disproportionately distributed: buying a ready-made NFT of a hero is often cheaper than buying runes for his mint.
  • Now the developers do not control prices and tokenomics, thereby not helping the project to develop its value.
  • There is no chat for feedback and suggestions, the same issues are raised many times.


The ratio of winners to losers was changing rapidly. Those who entered in March-April and made success – they had time to leave the project. Besides, as we mentioned earlier, the token dropped drastically.

So, putting together all the unfavorable data, we do not recommend you to start playing this game – there is very little chance of winning any tokens in Tiny World right now. 

Wondering what should you play then? Liquidifty team tried hundreds of games, analyzed thousands of transactions and wallets, and gathered all the pros and cons to help you see what cool things the gaming market can offer today. To discover more games and decide what to choose today, visit our Gaming Analytics.

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